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Hey, I dreamt about you last night

Do your dreams ever influence your state of mind the next day? Well, I’ve caught myself texting people because I had dreamt about them the night before and somehow felt the urgency to get in touch with them. Sometimes it’s for the best, for example when you contact an old friend and catch up. But, other times, it’s just asking for trouble. What are dreams? … Continue reading Hey, I dreamt about you last night

Senza una donna

Men are tough, careless, indifferent, cold, distant and according to many don’t really think of anything most of the time. Women on the other hand are overthinkers, sensitive, fragile, insecure, empathic and caring. But it’s not all black and white, is it? Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be a man. I guess men go through the same disappointments and struggles as women do. … Continue reading Senza una donna

Lazy is still in

Just because we’re stuck at home it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep our lazy Sunday routines. And I’m thinking of a lazy and colorful Sunday afternoon. Don’t get carried away by all those celebrities and sportsmen showing off how they’re spending their ‘lock-down’ by doing amazing workouts or spending time with their perfectly designed families. Ignore the privileged folk showing off their ‘hard time’ surrounded … Continue reading Lazy is still in