Time is short. We don’t really want to hear those words, do we? Whenever someone says time is short it just makes us realize that our lives could come to an end at any moment now. We don’t want to even consider that, especially when we know we want to achieve so much more, we have so many goals, not just for now but for future that is yet to follow. We struggle to achieve our goals, our lives ending abruptly is just something we can’t think about because we’re just not done yet.

Sometimes we grow so frustrated trying to reach out for those impossible dreams that life becomes too much to handle. We grow tired, sad, depressed, disappointed in us and in life itself.  And, sometimes we just stop, realize we should enjoy what we have, cherish the people around us and just go with the flow.

We want to fight for that peace, that place, that feeling that makes us complete and makes us feel like home. In the meanwhile we are trying to survive the best way we can and cope with our past, regrets and disappointments. We try to learn from our mistakes and wake up to a new day as a new better person.

Love is still the answer in every little thing we do. The love for our passions, family, friends or whatever keeps us going.

So, if you are struggling, don’t worry. You are not alone in this! We each have our path to follow. Trust yourself, trust your dreams. It’s ok as long as you’ve tried. And if you are sick of trying, remember, when it all falls apart and your entire world breaks, there is only one thing left to do: Rebuild!


Sock Dating Ad

I am a single sock. I’ve been alone for some time now and I am neither young nor old.

I have my flaws but I am also a warm sock who loves a warm company along my side.

I love the washing machine rides, the smell of lavender softener but I also like long walks and I am not afraid to get dirty sometimes.

Honestly, I’ve never been patched up though, I have had a few challenged throughout my lifetime. But, I learned how to take life as it is and enjoy the ride.

Missing adventures and going on trips, I am looking for a sock who is also single so we can form a pair. I would like someone who resembled me, not too young yet not too old. No holes please and not too worn out . I love color but I prefer a not too colorful sock. But, some color is of course most welcome.

You need to like the washing machine and are not afraid to take risks. You should not be afraid of long walks but you can also enjoy a comfortable afternoon on the couch.

If you are the sock I am looking for, please contact me. Perhaps we can meet in front of the washing machine and see what life brings us.

Porto, Porto, Portugal!

Everyone is fascinated by Portugal lately and circumstances brought Lisbon and Porto on my path this February.

At first I was worried the weather will be harsh because after all it is winter. But, what a surprise, Lisbon offered sun and a temperature of 18 degrees to 22 degrees.  Porto was a bit colder and there was more wind, which is logic as it’s closer to the sea.

But in some moments I could have s   at in the sun wearing only a t-shirt…if only I was not always cold haha.

I am not going to talk about all the things you need to visit while in Lisbon or Porto. But, I would like to say that the people and the food truly impressed me. People are very calm, friendly and mostly mind their own business but if you need help they don’t hesitate to give it. The young people love to chill out in parks. At sunsets you can find the youth gathered around with their guitars, frees bees and all kinds of creative things. They love to sing, dance and express their emotions.

What is truly worth seeing is the Dom Luis Bridge in Porto. Sit there on the grass and watch the sunset accompanied by so many other souls dreaming just as you are.

I didn’t take the tram in Lisbon instead I visited bairro alto which was amazing to see and experience during the night. Bairro alto holds so many young artists singing in pubs and creating a place worth seeing and enjoying.

About food, I experienced all kinds of restaurants and I loved all of them. I am unfortunately not a fish lover but I did try out some delicacies and when it came to sweets, I had to try them all. Surprisingly I discovered some Brazilian products I loved such as the Guaraná soft drink and the Pão de queijo. And I must say I didn’t expect Lisbon to be so international but they have everything there and the people are also just as diverse as the food, all kinds of colors, nationalities mixed together in a calm and beautiful country. Let’s not forget the Porto wine which I found delicious and the so many wine varieties. You only need time and money haha.

Is Portugal worth it? Definitely! You must visit Lisbon and Porto but ignore the common touristic sights and try to enjoy the life there, watch the locals and lose yourself in the streets. It will be an unforgettable experience. And don’t worry, most of them speak English so roaming the streets is more for fun.

Why have dreams?

How many of you have a dream but have no idea how to make it real? Which one of you gave up his or her dreams afraid of what others might say? How many of you had to ‘grow up’ and become the same as the rest?

Why do we have dreams? Are they there just to make our lives miserable? To make us see something we can’t reach? Or are dreams there to guide us? Make us strive for more? Perhaps the dream itself is just a way to push you in the right direction and on the way there you will discover much more.

I have dreams. I have many dreams, countless…And yes, I am well aware I can’t have them all. But, I know in trying to reach for them I can learn amazing things on the way. If I dare to fly I will be able to see things I never dreamt of.  And this happens. It’s not just a theory. Sometimes I have a dream, on my way there I discover other things, other dreams, other opportunities in life and I continue on the new paths I’ve discovered.

Dreams aren’t illusions. They are there for a reason. They are the core of our personality, our childlike self when we were innocent and fearless. Never give them up and never stop listening to them no matter how crazy they may seem.

Just starting on the journey to follow your dreams might open doors you have never expected.

Sunny one so true

I can’t possibly imagine I am the only one at the moment thinking of sun, warmth and the beach. Well, except for the people living in warm countries…they are probably complaining about the heat.

But, this article is for the ones missing sunshine and vacation. I am here to help, to make your lives easier…

You are not at work, you are on the beach. Can’t you feel the hot sand beneath your feet and the sweet breeze of the tropical summer?

Ah, yeah let’s swim a little the sea, isn’t it just the perfect temperature? When you come back, a fresh mango cocktail juice will be waiting for you. But, don’t forget to put on some more sun lotion and put on your sunglasses as you lean in your seat under the colorful umbrella.

Read a bit from that breezy book, listen to some soothing music or just close your eyes and enjoy the moment.

What? A massage? Yeah sure, although you have plenty to do for example, order another drink. But ok, a massage is nice too. Feel your entire body relax, all your muscles are thanking you for taking care of them right now, it’s been such a hard year, you deserve this.

You also need to make plans for tonight. Will it be that beach party, a dinner on the beach or both? And I am sure you won’t want to miss the sunrise. Sleep? Who needs it when you are on holiday?


Moments. Our lives are made of moments, aren’t they?

The funny moment you went on that skinny dipping and you were both naked in the water, he or she looked at you different and on that breathless moment you fell in love;  the sudden moment you realized that for just that second you were happy; the sunny moment you closed your eyes and felt peace…

So many moments to think about, so many moments to live for, but they hurt…don’t they?

When you lost that moment and you think about it in a couple of years you realize it has slipped away and you would do anything to relive that moment over and over again.

So what can you do about those lost moments? The ones you think so much about. It seems there is a new detail every time. Then you get scared because you think you might have created new details instead of remembering the facts as they really were.

But what do you do? You create new moments. You search for a thrill, a moment to fall in love again, a moment to perhaps remember the old moment and feel a bit closer to who you were. But it’s not easy creating new moments that can live up to the old moments that you have come to worship so much.

I hate some of my moments. They hurt, hurt so much sometimes I’d like to reach in my head and in my heart and rip out every detail, forget everything about them and never feel that pain again. But I’m not sure what would remain of me then. If I take out my moments, my memories…they are everything I have left.

They are mine and mine only. I am the only one that felt them and remembers them the way that I do. They are unique in every sense of the way and no one can experience them the way that I did. So, if I take those moments away, no matter how painful it is to remember them, I would be taking a part of me out…or basically just my entire self.

And here is my dilemma: remember those moments because they were really beautiful, deep and real? Or erase them all because they have become a ferocious torment to my every existence?

10 Things I Hate About You

People always ask ‘what do you seek in a partner?’ I’m sure many of you have been asked that same question. Women tend to come up with a huge list of demands:’tall, handsome, financially stable, funny, spontaneous etc.’ Men are a bit more practical…’perky boobs, great legs, pretty face, no tendencies to get fat in the future and not all too materialistic.’

Of course there are exceptions some men actually want ‘smart women’ though no man likes a woman who is smarter than he is, and some women want a man they feel attracted to but who has a ‘good heart’.

And let’s face it no one Earth falls for that ‘don’t care how he looks like, it’s the inside that counts.’ That’s bullshit and complete nonsense. We all want to walk next to a partner we feel attracted to and proud of, to show around not like a toffee but more like ‘this one is mine!’

What do I look for? Well I’m simply looking for the male version of me. Some people dream of a perfect partner, but they never look at what they have to offer themselves. Let’s say a poor girl looking for a rich perfect handsome guy or a nerd looking for a woman looking like a Barbie doll. I mean sure, you’re looking for the ideal partner but what do you have to offer in return? Why should she or he be with you in the first place? Looking for a faithful partner while you love to fuck around? Looking for a good hearted partner when you’re a selfish bitch? It doesn’t work that way. Unless your partner is too weak to stand up for her or himself or you are willing to change.

But to sum it all up, here are the 10 things I hate in a partner. I am curious whether you share my opinion about this.

1. Violent

Sure I like the occasional spanking on the butt cheeks just like any other decent girl but getting beat up to pulp doesn’t really fit in my dreamy picture. I hate men who express their anger or frustration through violence, physical or mental. And women who like slapping a man or scratching him (not in the good way) expecting men not to hit them back are just as bad as these men. And don’t come to me with that ‘oh I ain’t violent I’ve just got a hot temper’ crap!

2. Liar, liar

You know the type of men that start believing in their own lies? I hate those. Women lie as well but always get that puppy look on their faces when caught and use sex as a distraction.

3. Selfish

This has got to be one of the worst traits a person can have. Selfish! Can’t love anything or anyone around him or her. First of all people who do not love animals are already off the list. If you can’t love a cat or a dog then you are definitely not worth anyone’s attention. Not loving your family unless they do things for you, not hanging out with your friends unless they’re buying. Thinking only of yourself is basically a life doomed to fail.

4. Addicted

Whether it’s drugs, drinking or gambling, I am not a fan of addictions. I don’t like  smoking either but compared to the first three I’d say that’s the least of our problems. Respect your body and have a strong will. Oh and ladies, being a shopaholic isn’t cute, stop spending money on expensive useless crap!

5. Cheater

I despise cheaters. A man who can’t get enough and he’s always thinking with his ‘little friend’ is no go for me. They say all men cheat but come on, you have cheaters and Charlie Sheens. I want my man to be mine only, no sharing! And believe me, women are cheaters too. They are just more discreet about it…that does not make them any better!

6. Macho, Macho man

If you think the size of your ding dong is more important than the size of your brain then you are completely wrong. I can already spot them from a distance, the macho male behavior, men sitting in meetings, basically putting their pride on the table to see which one has the biggest, men in clubs all pumped up as if they just came out of a sex toy package. And don’t get me started on that jealous act nonsense either. Too cave like behavior if you ask me. Sure a bit of jealousy is healthy but let’s not keep your partner on a leash just because you are insecure. This also counts for the women, women can act macho as well.

7. Arrogant

There is such a big difference between being self-assured and just purely arrogant. Especially when there isn’t much to explore in the first place. Women thinking they are queens and men acting like they are kings… You are not unique, you are not perfect and you are not that special! And I love it when this trait is also accompanied by vanity. Such a delightful combination, arrogant and ignorant. Lovely.

8. Cheap

Oh don’t get me started on this one. Sure there are people who can’t afford certain stuff (and there is nothing wrong with that!) but you can always smell the cheap ones out. The ones that only get you gifts on discount or eat in certain places ’cause the water there is 5 cents cheaper than in the other places, the Mr. Scrooge, counting his pennies type. Give me a break will you? And those women who just always, always count on the fact that the man is paying for dinner, come on, ladies, pay for once will ya?

9. Dirty

I love personal hygiene… If you ain’t smelling good then you are probably not showering that often in the first place. A man who takes care of himself and a woman who smells nice is basically the essence of…beauty.

10. Rude

I think you should always be polite to people, to everyone around you. I hate it when a man tries to impress a woman by being rude to the waiter, for example. That’s just male, brainless behavior and complete idiocy. You are not better than the rest so don’t act like you are! Women do it too just to show how strong they have become, it can’t get any stupider than that!

There you have it. 10 things I hate meaning that is exactly what I am not. Simple as that. I think these are traits that shouldn’t be that difficult to find, but hey, in a world where money and sex is everything…who gives a damn about the basic traits, right? And I am fully aware of the fact that I am not one of a kind (in fact I can be very irrational, unreasonable and crazy), I am not perfect, gorgeous or Ms. Smarty Pants…but, I would like to find someone that makes me feel perfectly imperfect. In the end I think that’s what we are all searching.